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A modern-day Cinderella, I was the troubled teen poster child at 13, a summa cum laude college grad at 30. I'm a life coach for teens because I totally remember the struggle…and I totally know how to move past it. I love to help teens reach calm, happy, goal-achievement. Learn more.

  • Aimee, mom of a 15-year-old girl, Utah

    My daughter loves working with Cyndy. After just a few sessions, she thanked me for signing her up for coaching, saying it was "the most amazing experience of her life."

  • Charlotte: 15-year-old client

    Therapists give me like one solution that I don't like. With Cyndy, I come up with a whole bunch of solutions myself.

  • Becky, Mom of an 18-Year-Old Boy, Indiana

    My husband and I have seen a huge difference in our son, and can only attribute it to the work that Cyndy did with him. When we visit family, they too have noticed a difference in him, especially his two grandmas, who know about his struggles. We all thank Cyndy for the work that she does!

  • Andrea, Mom of an 18-Year-Old Boy, North Carolina

    My son was feeling trapped and down, but now he’s decided to go to a tech school for auto mechanics and graphic design. He is so excited (as is his mama!). Cyndy’s assistance gave him the tools he needed to get out of feeling trapped, and take a purposeful step into his future.

  • Shelle, Mom of 18-Year-Old Girl

    My daughter has been in therapy since she was five. By senior year she was in therapy overload…but she still needed guidance through her struggles. Then we met Cyndy Etler. Here was someone who had struggled like my daughter in high school, then spent years teaching and relating to teens. Here was someone who actually, factually…understood.

    My daughter was able to open up and accept guidance from Cyndy, because she felt she was talking to a friend—an objective friend with new perspectives. Coaching with Cyndy was far more beneficial than the therapists, most offering the same feedback from the same textbooks. Coaching with Cyndy was real help for real life.

  • Keeba: 40-year-old client

    Cyndy makes her client feel comfortable in the coaching environment, but at the same time, she brings intensity and energy to the work. She has an uncanny ability to help her client discover their personal agenda, and become deeply centered in it. I came to coaching with a desire to quit smoking, and an awareness that my habit did not mesh with my personal values. After five short sessions with Cyndy, I found myself throwing my packs of cigarettes away. I thank Cyndy for how she helped me help myself.

  • Maria: 18-year-old client

    The first time you meet Cyndy it feels like you came home. When I first came to the United States and came to a high school I didn't know anybody, and I didn't know English. Cyndy gave me hope, and she gave me my  biggest dream come true, graduating from high school. She is the best person you can meet, as a human and life coach. Someday I would like to help teenagers the way she does.

  • Lavontay: 20-something Former Client

    Cyndy Etler is an amazing woman. At one point in my life, I didn't know what I was capable of. Cyndy gave me a passion and confidence to take chances and improve myself at every opportunity. She played a huge role in making me the man I am today: a graduate of the United States Naval Academy, a United States Marine and the CEO of my own company. Many of the skills that have made me successful in life started with Cyndy Etler.

  • Dabari: 15-year-old client

    I used to seriously hate reading books. Hated, hated, hated. I used to always slump in the chair when the teacher said, “Read your independent reading book.” It may have seemed like I was reading but I wasn’t. Then I started working with Cyndy on reading, and now I love to read all the time. I just can’t stop reading, can’t get enough of reading. Sometimes I read in class and don’t pay attention and I get in trouble, but I won’t let that happen again.

  • Lucy: 15-year-old client

    Cyndy is the only adult who ever cared about me or worried about what is going on. Sometimes there is a lot going on and it’s just too much to handle as a teenager. Since I started talking to Cyndy I go to school every day and try hard to pass my classes.

  • Raquel: Parent of a 17-year-old client

    Before Ryan began seeing Cyndy, he didn’t want to go to school. He has ADD, and he couldn’t keep his focus. With Cyndy, he got a whole new focus. She helped him open his eyes, made him want to learn…his whole personality changed! It used to be that he wouldn’t get out of bed, and we would fight with him: Get your chores done! Get your chores done! But now…I’ve seen him grow up. He was a good kid, but he’s become a better kid. It was Cyndy's positivity that sparked it, his talking with someone who cares. Our whole family thanks her.

  • Laurie: Parent of a 16-Year-old client

    My daughter Sam was ready to drop out of school. Then she started working with Cyndy. Sam would get so excited on the days they met, because she could talk to Cyndy about anything. I saw a big change in Sam: she became confident with all of her work. She says, "Nobody will ever top Cyndy. When my son grows up, I want him to work with her!"

  • Ryan: 17-year-old client

    I could never keep my concentration at school. But then I began working with Cyndy, and she helped me look at school from a new perspective. She helped me to get confident in my school work. She helped me to pass my impossible classes. She got me graduated!

  • Joe: 17-year-old client

    Cyndy is awesome. I was close to dropping out, but she got me to stay in school. I used to be a real ****head; now I have a full-time job, and I’m a respectable member of society. Cyndy changed my life!

  • Robbi: 15-year-old client

    If it wasn’t for Cyndy I would probably be in a lot of trouble or suspended from school right now. Words can’t express what she has helped me through!

  • Jucileia: 15-year-old client

    The first time you meet Cyndy, you feel welcome. You can say anything and everything to her, because she really listens. She understands like nobody else does.

  • Meaghan: 15-year-old client

    Cyndy has taught me so much about life. I know that no matter how I act, with Cyndy, I’m okay. She has taught me that no matter what happens in life, there will always be people who care more than you think. Someday I want to be standing in her place, helping teenagers and saying how Cyndy got me there.

  • Anna Marie: 16-year-old client

    Cyndy Etler is the person I most admire, because she has this disorder where she thinks everyone has something good in them. I, too, suffer from this ailment. She gives me hope that I’ll be okay when I grow up.

  • Tina: 33-year-old Client

    Have you ever met a person who changes the vibe in the room, just by walking in? Who makes things seem better, just by showing up? Cyndy is that person. When I started working with Cyndy I was in a low-paying job. I worked hard, but was treated with no respect. I was applying for jobs, but wasn’t getting interviews. Cyndy’s insightful questions helped me shift my search to jobs I would enjoy for the long term. With her guidance, I gained awareness of my qualifications and talents, and learned how to present them with confidence. Within six weeks of beginning my work with Cyndy I was offered my dream job...with a 150% pay raise!