Teens have a lot of stressors, plus a bunch of adults telling them what they should be doing. Very few have what research says they need: an adult who can help them figure out what they most want, then create and execute a strategy to reach those goals. As a certified life coach for teens that’s what I do, while helping kids conquer stress and build self confidence, self reliance and awareness of their own strengths and values.

How does teen coaching work?

In weekly, hour-long teen coach sessions (virtual or in-person), I help kids evaluate the elements of their life. Where are they content? Where could things be better?

We flesh out their ideal future to build hope—what would it look and feel like?—then set small, self-directed goals to inch closer to that reality.

Along the way, we explore the elements that make the kid who they are—their strengths, values and personality type—and turn their struggles and weaknesses into tools for building their ideal life.

What results can I expect?

Parents report rapid shifts in their teenager’s communication, motivation, and happiness. Teens say they finally feel capable of kicking butt and knocking out goals.

Does my teen need a youth life coach or a therapist?

A brilliant teen summed up the difference: counseling is about the past; coaching is about the future. Therapy is the right fit for addressing trauma and diagnosable mental health concerns; teen coaching works for taking action to improve an okay-but-not-ideal life.

Another teen compared therapy and coaching like this: “My counselors gave me the same suggestions, but they never told me how. In coaching I figure out my own solutions, based on my actual life.”

If this sounds good, let’s connect! My complimentary 20-minute phone consultation will help you determine if your teen’s needs and my approach as a youth life coach are a fit.