Teens have a lot of stressors, plus a bunch of adults telling them what they should be doing. Very few have what research says they need: an adult who can help them figure out what they most want, then create and execute a strategy to reach those goals. As a certified life coach for teens that’s what I do, while helping kids conquer stress and build self confidence, self reliance and awareness of their own strengths and values.

How does teen coaching work?

In weekly teen coach sessions, I help kids evaluate the elements of their life. Where are they content? Where could things be better?

We flesh out their ideal future to build hope—what would it look and feel like?—then set small, self-directed goals to inch closer to that reality.

Along the way, we explore the elements that make the kid who they are—their strengths, values and personality type—and turn their struggles and weaknesses into tools for building their ideal life.

What results can I expect?

Parents report rapid shifts in their teenager’s communication, motivation, and happiness. Teens say they finally feel capable of kicking butt and knocking out goals.

Does my teen need a youth life coach or a therapist?

A brilliant teen summed up the difference: counseling is about the past; coaching is about the future. Therapy is the right fit for addressing trauma and diagnosable mental health concerns; teen coaching works for taking action to improve an okay-but-not-ideal life.

Another teen compared therapy and coaching like this: “My counselors gave me the same suggestions, but they never told me how. In coaching I figure out my own solutions, based on my actual life.”

If this sounds good, let’s connect! My 15-minute phone consultation will help you determine if your teen’s needs and my approach as a youth life coach are a fit.

What packages do you offer?


Families can select from two different coaching approaches:


Organic coaching, where clients and I start from scratch, discovering where they’re content in life and where they’d like things to be different. Once we have clarity on the areas in which they’d like to create change, we figure out what’s blocking them from achieving those goals. From there, we explore who they are–their values, strengths, personality, etc–and use that information to build a personalized road map for getting through the blocks and reaching their vision of success.


Coaching packages, which are a series of sessions targeting issues that adolescents frequently struggle with. These include:


  • Academic Success: After clarifying the student’s academic goals and why those goals are personally meaningful, we do a deep dive on what’s working, what’s not working, and why. Drawing from the student’s own strengths and resources, we use evidence-based strategies to create, implement and finesse a personalized plan for success.


  • Anxiety Reduction: Research shows that adolescent anxiety rates are higher than they’ve ever been. For the teen who is interested in exploring, learning, and putting new tools into practice, the Anxiety Reduction package is a boon. We explore the teen’s own thoughts and perceptions, evaluating them for current validity, then use proven tools for calming and soothing anxiety.


  • Social Connections: Developmentally, adolescents are wired for focus on and connection with peers. When friendships are rocky and connecting is difficult, it can be a crushing experience. This package starts with clarifying what the client’s personal social nirvana would be. We move on to exploring what they want and need in relationships, how they’re currently operating, what’s working, and what isn’t. Drawing from various resources, we create and execute a plan for finding social contentment.


  • Self Exploration: For the client who wants to understand who they are, what they want, what their purpose is, what their passion is, their gifts, their weaknesses, and much more, we’ll use assessments and organic coaching tools to build a sturdy toolbox of self-understanding and internal and external resources.


  • Ideal College & Career: Many young adults feel they’re at a crossroads without a map. Parents and teachers often have great ideas and great intentions, but sometimes they don’t match up with what the teen themself feels called to do. In this package, we determine what’s most important for the client, on both the macro and micro level, as they explore college and career options.


If this sounds good, let’s connect! My 15-minute phone consultation will help you determine if your teen’s needs and my approach as a youth life coach are a fit.