Bliss Bootcamp Life Coaching Intensive

When life is a struggle, sometimes we need a little handholding.
Other times we need a whole hug.

If your teen’s life could use a hug, your teen needs Bliss Bootcamp Coaching Intensive.

Bliss Bootcamp is a live, in-person coaching intensive with renowned international adolescent specialist The Teen Life Coach. The in-person coaching experience takes place in your city and is followed by a month-long series of virtual coaching sessions.

Over multiple days, through a series of extended sessions, your teen will find deep connection, self-awareness, motivation, hope, and healing. They will receive ongoing support through virtual sessions and unlimited email coaching.
Participants will come to understand…

A: what they most want to shift in their life

B: what is currently holding them back from achieving those goals

C: how to get around those blocks with a personalized roadmap of appealing, achievable, self-designed action steps

The Bliss Bootcamp Coaching Intensive is personalized to meet each teen’s needs. A sample schedule would be:

Saturday afternoon: one 2-hour discovery session (in-person)

Sunday morning: one 2-hour exploration session (in-person)

Monday morning: one 2-hour breakthrough and planning session (in-person)

Following month: four weekly 1-hour progress and motivation maintenance sessions (virtual)

Entire month of engagement: unlimited email coaching

In-person sessions take place in a hotel in your area; virtual sessions take place on Zoom. Hybrid 1:1 and group coaching formats are available for multiple teens.
For a detailed description of how coaching intensives work, contact The Teen Life Coach at