Are you a trend-spotter? If so, you’ve probably noticed the hottest new thing: listening. Listening is hot. It’s about to blow up bigger than mindfulness, even. It’s been lurking backstage, this “listening” trend, biding its time as we saturate ourselves with news feeds and social updates and Kardashian-Jenner product shills. Maybe you caught a whiff with the new business model, where companies replace their pummeling sales pitch with dialogue. If you follow the Black Lives Matter movement, you’ve heard the shoutout to white allies: “Talk less, listen more.”

But a thing can’t be “a thing” until the teenagers claim it as theirs. Enter the Parkland kids. With mics in their hands. On Pennsylvania Avenue. Forcing us to listen.

What we think they’re saying is, “Enact stricter gun policies.” What they’re actually saying is, “Sit down, shut up and listen carefully, adults: We got this.” And they speak for teens across the country.

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